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In an era where digital transformation defines success, every CIO, CTO, and Business Head faces unique challenges. From the complexities of integrating new technologies into legacy systems to balancing innovation with operational stability, the path to digitalization is fraught with obstacles.


"Going Digital" understands these challenges because we've navigated them alongside organizations like yours. Our mission is to make digital transformation accessible, achievable, and successful for every company, regardless of size or sector.

While Digital Transformation is making its way into the mainstream, even mature organizations are struggling to adapt and evolve.  Due to a tsunami of information available at their fingertips, via so many different channels, Consumer has truly become Superman, as (S)he knows more than the product manufacturer.

With an adrenaline rush to get on the digital transformation bandwagon, many businesses have launched numerous uncoordinated digital initiatives, which ultimately failed.

Further show stoppers come from the myriad technologies that fall under digital transformation and the ability to choose the right one and exploit them in a better manner. 

  • Is your Business Strategy aligned with your Digital Strategy?

  • Have you adopted a Digital business model that exponentially increases your revenues?

  • Are you building a Digital Roadmap but don't know how to prioritize initiatives? 

  • Are you aware of Customer Journey Mapping as a foundation step to identify all the pain areas your customers face when they interact with your business?

  • Have you tried creating the Customer Journey Mapping but that did not result in a solid roadmap?

  • Have you tried a Digital Marketing strategy with 9 steps to get a more healthy pipeline of leads?


GOING DIGITAL, a top Digital Transformation Consultancy firm is the answer to all these questions. Founded by Sandeep Raut, a top 10 global digital transformation influencer &  thought leader, and keynote speaker.

You will need the systematic frameworks mentioned below to be successful at every phase of Digital adoption.

DITF - Digital Integration & Transformation Framework

Vision and Leadership Alignment (VLA)

Purpose: Establish and articulate a clear vision for digital transformation that aligns with the overarching goals and leadership direction of the organization.

Action: Facilitate strategic alignment workshops with top management to secure commitment and define the transformation's scope and objectives.


Digital Maturity Assessment and Digital Diagnostic (DMA/DD)

Purpose: Assess the current digital capabilities of the organization and diagnose areas needing enhancement to support a successful transformation.

Action: Employ a structured assessment tool to evaluate digital maturity across various dimensions such as technology, people, processes, and culture. Use the findings to identify gaps and opportunities for digital improvements.


Customer-Centric Design (CCD)

Purpose: Place the customer at the center of the digital transformation efforts to ensure that the solutions developed are tailored to enhance customer experiences and meet their needs.

Action: Conduct extensive customer research to develop detailed journey maps and personas, which will inform the design of user-centric services and interfaces.


Technology Adoption Pathway (TAP)

Purpose: Outline and implement the technology strategies that support the transformation goals, ensuring they are integrated seamlessly with the customer-centric designs.

Action: Select and prioritize technologies that align with both the business objectives and the needs identified in the customer-centric design phase. Plan for a phased rollout to manage risks and ensure smooth adoption.


Agile Implementation and Scaling (AIS)

Purpose: Adopt an agile approach to the deployment of digital technologies, allowing for flexibility, rapid iteration, and scaling based on real-time feedback and evolving business needs.

Action: Implement digital solutions in iterative cycles, allowing for continuous improvements and the ability to scale successful initiatives quickly across the organization.


Measurement and Optimization (MO)

Purpose: Establish metrics to measure the impact of digital transformations and continuously optimize processes to drive greater value.

Action: Regularly track and analyze performance against KPIs such as increased revenue, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Adjust strategies based on data-driven insights to optimize outcomes.


Business Impact Areas:


  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: Leveraging digital tools to improve how customers interact with your services or products, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

  • Innovative Digital Models: Developing or modifying business models through digital technologies to create new revenue streams and competitive advantages.

  • Operational Efficiency: Utilizing digital solutions to streamline operations, thereby reducing costs and improving service delivery.


Key Performance Indicators:


  • Revenue Growth: Direct measurement of the incremental revenue generated from new digital initiatives.

  • Cost Efficiency: Evaluation of the reduction in operational costs achieved through enhanced digital operations.

This framework ensures a structured, strategic approach to digital transformation that prioritizes customer needs, aligns with business goals, and leverages digital capabilities effectively. It's designed to be iterative and flexible, adapting to the organization's growing needs and the dynamic digital landscape.

Here are some foundational steps for your successful Digital adoption.

Digital Doctor -  A detailed session with the business owner/senior leadership to understand short/long-term goals, and growth challenges and provide consultancy with the following frameworks


Multi-year Digital Transformation roadmap – Prioritize the digital initiatives based on the customer impact and business value.

Digital Marketing – As one of the top Digital Marketing consultancies in Mumbai, we make your business presence felt via 9 steps digital marketing strategy covering Website optimization, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing. 

Finally, everything revolves around the Content that helps your customers to stay with you. Get our Content Strategy Audit to ensure you are communicating the right message to your customers and growing your business.

If you want to train your in-house marketing team on Digital Marketing then the High-Five Digital Marketing coaching program will help you get them on board.

You will get customized solutions for your digital transformation journey.  We focus on the customer journey and identify their needs while creating new business models for you.

You will get effective digital strategies, and multi-wave digital transformation roadmaps with high-quality and scalable solutions for BFSI, Travel, Healthcare, Retail, and manufacturing businesses.

We simplify the four technology pillars for your digital transformation.

The most important first pillar is Digital Customer Experience covering Web Portals, Mobile Apps, User Experience, Virtual Assistants, and social Media engagements.

The second pillar Digital Foresight brings the personalization required via Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics & and visualization.

Check out our Certificate course in Data Analytics in Healthcare.

The above two pillars will work only when you have the third pillar of Digital Integration in place integrating all your internal and external data via APIs, Microservices, BPM, and cloud platforms.

The fourth pillar of Emerging Technologies is all about new kids on the block covering Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

Choosing the right technology stack & and vendors from all the above four pillars is important to avoid the show stoppers in your digital transformation journey.

We are ready to help!

Your website is the digital showroom of your business. Ensure you are giving the best to the prospects/customers.

You will get :

  • 10 surprisingly simple Lead generation strategies

  • 30 Ways of Content Marketing

  • 5 tricks of Influencer Marketing

  • 4 steps to get started with Email Marketing

  • 5 business blogging secrets

  • 6 proven strategies to increase your social media followers

  • 10 on-page & off-page Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO)

  • 7 ways to improve Google search ads 

  • LinkedIn for personal branding

Having proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit done on your website is the first step to getting your prospect and customers.  

Get a website SEO audit 

Digital Marketing is an art and science but many businesses feel it is just posting on social media platforms. Even digital marketing agencies do not educate the customers and keep their secrets to themselves to ensure customer dependency on them. 

Check out our High-Five Digital Marketing coaching for in-house marketing teams.

We also have some online programs for you to check out.


These concise books cover:

  • 5 simple steps for successful digital marketing,

  • Going Digital - The New Normal &

  • 30 Days of Lead Generation.

You can download/buy them and make the most out of them.

5 Simple steps for successful digital marketing
Going Digital book
30 Days Of Lead Generration

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