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How Mining Industry is adopting Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in the Mining Industry
Digital Transformation in the Mining Industry

Digital Transformation is sweeping each industry around us. Those who embrace it and adopt the change will have multitudes of benefits.

The mining industry is by far still a very labor-intensive and costly affair. However, slowly they have started utilizing the digital technologies to reduce the costs, ensure workers safety and change the way they work.

The industry is facing increasing cost pressures. Digital transformation is likely to be on the agenda for miners. Digital technology can help literally at every stage of the mining process, from exploration, extraction, transportation to the processing of the ore and shipment.

In open-pit mines, self-driving trucks could be controlled by operations center miles away, reduce human cost as there are no frequent breaks, improve safety and increase efficiency as no human intervention is required on the site. GPS enabled systems will help supervisors to know where the trucks are and optimize their routes for optimal utilization.

Sensors on remote deep-sea oil wells cause warning signs to flash at the central control center when problems arise.

In underground dangerous extraction zones like coalmines & chemical ore mines, remote-controlled equipment can reduce human factor involvement. With data visualization, miners can create heat maps or 3D maps of the entire mine.

This heavy earth moving machinery is very costly and any downtime affects the bottom line. Data collection and analysis allows understanding the health of the equipment and usage, which further helps in predictive maintenance, improving equipment reliability and reducing unplanned downtime.

With wearables, site employee’s safety is tracked from the central operation.

Internet of Things connected sensors detect dangerous levels of hazardous gas and give miners time to evacuate.

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