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©2018 by Going Digital -  Mumbai, India


Vision to provide the big picture of what your organization will be in the next few years.

With the Design Thinking approach, understand the pain points of your target customers & work backward to design the digital strategy with solutions.

We will help bring the cultural change & synchronize four pillars of your organization - Customers, Employees, Partners & Suppliers.


Digital maturity assessment will enlighten you with your current state and relevance to your industry.


Our GD-Quotient framework will help you understand where do you stand & further enable you to map your business strategy with a prioritized multi-wave roadmap so you can deploy digital projects with a fail-fast but succeed-faster approach.


From a comprehensive review of data points across 9 dimensions of digital maturity, we will provide a detailed report, which will contain a set of actionable insights with recommendations to move to the next level, course corrections if any to your existing digital initiatives &  help you optimize the ones in-flight already.


Put Customer-first & in the center.


Our GD-CJM framework helps you prepare customer journey maps across 5 phases of the customer lifecycle from Awareness to Advocacy with ease, to identify moments of truth that are most important to customers. 


Discover all the customer touchpoints with their emotions, pain areas, and respective stakeholders, who can correct them along with opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Prioritize and break the most impactful opportunities into small projects with proper measurements for control.

Empty Road


Know where your business wants to go with digital?


It is all about starting with baby steps, gaining trust from the business by delivering quick value and celebrating successes. 


Marketing each success internally and externally to generate word of mouth publicity.


Contact us today to learn more.


With so many examples of businesses that are getting disrupted faster than they get established, it is important to select the right business models which are relevant in this age of Digital.


Adopt this change by embracing digital to get closer to customers in real-time to survive and thrive.

We help you with Business Model Canvas with a focus on your value propositions, costs & new revenue models. 

Reading Newspaper
Digital social media


Digital is now the first touchpoint for the consumer and a channel where the consumer has greater control over what they see and when they see it.


We will help you build the strategies for Social Media Marketing, Mobile-First Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing along with SEO, SEM, Web Analytics & Marketing Bots.

We conduct Digital Marketing Workshops for entrepreneurs.

We can conduct a digital audit covering SEO for your website and give you 10+ recommendations to adopt to get your rankings better. Check the sample report below.


Graphic Design

Products are made in a factory but a brand is created in the mind. A strong brand should visually communicate your incredible story, mission, and vision. 


We help you to connect your brand to your customer's heart and create a powerful image in a densely crowded marketplace.


We convey your story through the logo, brand stationery and the right communication for Digital Marketing. 


Digital Doctor for Customer Experience

It is like an OPD- Outpatient Department-Clinic for your business health.

2-3 hours session with business to understand vision, mission, short/long term goals and growth challenges.


You will get ideas for new digital business models. probable digital technologies that can help overcome the growth challenges & advice on how to exploit digital marketing.