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digital marketing strategy by Going Digital

The Digital Marketing Strategy That Will Get You More Customers

It can be very challenging to keep up with everything in the complex, rapidly evolving field of digital marketing.

There is a jungle outside! Too many strategies, not enough time!


  • But how can you tell which ones will be effective?

  • How do you maximize each hour of your day?

  • And what about all those different platforms?

  • How do you effectively use social media marketing?


Do you require a guide? a route-pointing map. Then stop your search. We offer the ideal plan for you...

Our 9-step digital marketing strategy will help you navigate the world of digital marketing and find your way to growth with Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Ads Optimization, and Facebook & LinkedIn marketing.

If you are just starting on Digital Marketing, then our Free 5 days email course on successful Digital Marketing is right for you.

The 9 steps are proven to work in digital marketing. We will help you build the strategies for Social Media Marketing, Mobile-First Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing along with SEO, SEM, Web Analytics & Marketing Bots.

We give you :

  • 10 surprisingly simple Lead generation strategies

  • 30 ways of Content Marketing

  • 5 tricks of Influencer Marketing

  • 4 steps to get started with Email Marketing

  • 5 business blogging secrets

  • 6 proven strategies to increase your social media followers

  • 15 on-page & off-page Search Engine Optimization techniques

  • 7 ways to improve Google search ads

We conduct Digital Marketing Workshops for entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing Masterclass for Corporates & SMEs. 

We conduct a digital audit covering SEO for your website and give you 10+ recommendations to adopt to improve your rankings.


Check the sample report below.

We will help you with:

  • Google rankings with On-Page & Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Google Ads Optimization

  • LinkedIn Marketing for Personal branding & B2B Lead Generation

  • Facebook Ads Optimization

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Managing your Social Media Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

  • Manage paid campaigns

  • Content Marketing ( Writing Blogs & compelling Ad Copy)

  • Email Marketing

  • YouTube Marketing


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