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Digital Transformation Awareness Program

Digital Literacy Bootcamp


Your gateway to success!

Digital Transformation Awareness Program
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Companies across the globe are looking to become digital businesses but are still struggling to spread awareness of digital transformation within the organization.

Digital transformation is not solely for the IT department or executives. Most employees in a company can benefit from it, but they are reluctant to adopt digital.  They just need to be made aware of how it works and how it will help them become more productive and make their lives easier at work. They don’t realize that going digital can make their personal life better as well. Once they understand this, they are more likely to want to be a part of the digital transformation process.

With our Digital Transformation Awareness Program employees will be educated about the benefits of going digital - from improving work/life balance to gaining a competitive edge. Overall employee sentiment will improve, and your team will be ready to take on the digital age!

Program highlights: 

  • Demystifying Digital Transformation - What, Why, Where, When & How

  • Digital Customer Experience - Why Experience is the BRAND!

  • Digital Business Model - 9 blocks business model canvas

  • Digital Technology Pillars - Overview of digital technologies and importance in professional/personal life

Enable employees with the tools and knowledge to help your company move forward into the digital age.

And all this is done in just 2 days!

After the program, your employees will be able to explain digital transformation, how it affects their day-to-day lives, and how they can use technology to move up in the corporate world.


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Delivered by Sandeep Raut

Top 10 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Digital Transformation 

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