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Companies across the globe are looking to become digital businesses but are still struggling to spread awareness on digital transformation within the organization.

Most employees in a company are not aware of how digital transformation can help them become more productive and make their lives easier at work. They don’t realize that going digital can make their personal life better as well, they feel like it will only affect their professional life.

They are reluctant to adopt digital. Making them properly aware and showing the benefits they get with the personal and professional world is half the battle won.

Going Digital's Digital Transformation Awareness Program educates employees about digital transformation. They learn what it means to go digital, the benefits they get personally and professionally.

It further helps in improving overall employee sentiment.

Program highlights: 

  • Demystifying Digital Transformation - What, Why, Where, When & How

  • Digital Customer Experience - Why Experience is the BRAND!

  • Digital Business Model - 9 blocks business model canvas

  • Digital Technology Pillars - Overview of digital technologies and importance in professional/personal life

With Going Digital you spread awareness of your company's vision for the future by educating employees about the benefits of going digital.

And all this is done in just 2 days!


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Delivered by Sandeep Raut

Top 10 Global Thought Leader & Influencer on Digital Transformation