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Going Digital - The New Normal

Going Digital - The New Normal

While Digital Transformation is making its way into the mainstream, even mature organizations are struggling to adapt and evolve.

With an adrenaline rush to get on the digital transformation bandwagon, many businesses have launched numerous uncoordinated digital initiatives, which ultimately fail.


Now deploy your digital transformation initiatives successfully & grow your business.

This book gives you the necessary tools and practical expertise to help grow your business.


We have explained this as the playing card game of 5-3-2 showing you 5 frameworks of digital transformation

Going Digital - The New Normal book cove
Going Digital - The New Normal book cove
5 frameworks of Going Digital

1. Develop your digital strategy aligned to business strategy
2. Know where do you stand on digital maturity - Gauge your maturity on a digital scale and take steps to move a level up
3. Create a customer journey map to identify all the make or break moments - find out all the friction points in your every customer interaction
4. Create a digital roadmap with high priority initiatives - with a focus on customer experience & business priorities.
5. Exploit digital marketing to reach your right target audience - that will build a healthy pipeline of sales leads

Applied to 3 business areas:

1. Customer Experience
2. Business Models
3. Operations Optimization

Impacting 2 KPIs:

1. Increase in revenues
2. Decreased costs

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