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Digital Marketing 101 - #2 Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Today, people spend most of their time on mobile phones and other digital gadgets and hence making use of digital technologies makes more sense.

But still, in every marketing department there is a debate whether to invest in traditional marketing or digital marketing.

More so of how much each category should get the budget.

For ages, the business has been using following five categories for traditional marketing.

  • Print media (business cards, posters, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

  • Broadcast channels (TV, radio, etc.)

  • Superstores like Argos, Walmart used Direct Mail (catalogs, postcards, etc.)

  • Most of the businesses still use Telephone (telemarketing, SMS marketing, etc.)

  • Based on the budgets organizations use Outdoor advertising (billboards, flyers, etc.)

Traditional marketing still works on old ways of 4Ps – Product, Price, Promotion & Place.

While Digital Marketing will involve:

  • Websites

  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Content marketing – blogs, videos

  • Mobile Marketing - apps

  • Email Marketing

  • Banner Ads, Google Ads

  • Online video marketing

Digital Marketing has evolved from 4Ps to 4Es:

Product to Experience - What is the experience you are giving out in the full Customer Journey on your brand?

Price to Engagement – What value do you consider for your customer’s attention, engagement

Promotion to Exchange - Inspire your customers and employees with your passion; Find the passion and emotion in your brand

Place to Everyplace - Reach your customers anytime, any device, any place.

Here is a summary of the difference between traditional and digital marketing:

Traditional Marketing

  1. Results are not easily measured, and in many cases cannot be measured at all.

  2. Only local audience can see it who are passing by

  3. No customization possible, No real-time adjustments

  4. Traditional marketing is static which means there is no way to interact with the audience

  5. Messages are pushed to customers

  6. More costly compared to digital marketing

  7. Takes time for brand awareness due to local reach

Digital Marketing

  1. Results are much easier to measure

  2. A digital campaign can reach an infinite audience

  3. Digital ads are more customizable than print ads

  4. Digital Marketing is interactive and we can encourage customers with different Call to Actions

  5. Customers are pulled as well based on targeting

  6. Less costly compared to traditional marketing

  7. Brand awareness can be viral due to global reach

This will give you some clarity about which marketing is better for your business and allocate the right budgets. Digital marketing also allows marketers to keep up with the latest trends online, therefore remaining relevant to customers.

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