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How to get Human element in Digital Transformation?

Human elements in digital transformation
Human elements in digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword. No industry is left behind. 

It is easy to get wrapped by technology but without considering human element the transformation process will fail.

CEOs are taking a digital-first approach to change the business.

Digital transformation can’t thrive unless your organization has a culture that’s willing and able to embrace it. Organization-wide adoption requires teams to change their attitude, automate the processes, shift their thinking and reject the status quo.

People are engaged by people. Productive and satisfied employees who like their work, go out of the way to satisfy customers. 

How to get this human element on your side in Digital Transformation?

  • Know your customers – customers are not just records but they are also humans, know their behavior

  • Engage with employees – elaborate on what is in it for me, people need to know what is the change and how it will benefit them

  • Focus on human collaboration, learning, and innovation for digital which yields better ideas, better results

  • It requires all 4 pillars of the organization - Customers, Employees, Suppliers & Partners to collaborate and communicate with each other

  • Bring customer experience at the center stage than technology

Digitization is by no means de-humanization. It is 20% technology but 80% human touch. Without a strong involvement and without taking the human element into account on all levels, digital projects are going to fail.

The best results will occur when technology and humans collaborate to create an entire ecosystem, which technology alone cannot achieve.

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