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What exciting things you are doing to be in front of the customers at home?

Digital Marketing Services by Going Digital

Pandemic has impacted our personal & professional life.

Today most of the small businesses are severely impactive or closed, several events have been canceled and social distancing will continue to be a trend for the distant future.

Your customers may be having tough times and on self-quarantine, but that doesn't mean you can't stay connected and continue providing excellent service.

Digital marketing could be the best way for businesses to survive and thrive as the restrictions are lifted.

What are you doing to be in front of the customers at home?

  1. Write Blogs for education marketing

  2. As your customers spending more time on social media, share the positive content that uplifts the mind and takes them away from negative thoughts. Post regularly to be on their top of the mind.

  3. Talk about customer pain areas and how your solutions can help them?

  4. Don't just sell by giving discounts on your services, rather show the value they will get by buying your products or services.

  5. Help your community and Small businesses without any demand to create a trust

  6. Increase your customer service capabilities by offering digital ways to connect - Facebook Chat messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. There are various video conferencing channels like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet which can help you get face to face with customers.

  7. In absence of face-to-face meetings, ensure your brand is in front of customers and prospects with the right email strategy - Send emails to enquire about their health & how they can take care. Also, talk about your hygiene protocols to ensure your products or services are clear of any touchpoints.

Going Digital can help you build your digital marketing strategy to reach new customers and keep existing customers.



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