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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop
Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

In today's digital world, reaching out to your customers where they are, the device they are reaching is very important to be on top of their mind.

You need to know each and every interaction you have with your customers and find our friction points to make it smooth.

Customer journey mapping is the process of visualizing how every interaction happens between your business and the customer.

There are 5 phases of any customer lifecycle:

  1. Awareness - Do your prospects even know that your business exists?

  2. Consideration/Comparison - How are comparing your product and services to other similar service providers? Do you have all the information, comparison, and differentiation from the competition?

  3. Conversion - Once the prospect decides to buy your product or services, how do you treat them? How smooth is the customer onboarding?

  4. Relationship Building - How do you maintain relationships with your customers?

  5. Advocacy - Are you using the happy customer's feedback to ensure close-loop by increasing the "Awareness" of your business?

For each of the above phases identify all the pain areas, make or break moments in the customer interaction.

List down what touchpoints do you have at each phase and how are they working?

Pinpoint the weaknesses in your organization or Influencers who are impacting the decision making of the prospects & customers. Ensure they are up to the mark and in favor of you.

Validate your customer journey map with actual customers if possible.

This is then used for generating a short-long term digital transformation roadmap.

In case, you are struggling to conduct the customer journey map or having challenges in prioritizing the digital roadmap, contact us.


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