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Digital Enablement Workshops

Digital Transformation Workshop

The average lifespan of companies in the S&P 500 has gone down from 30 years to 15 years and it is estimated that by the next decade it will go below 10 years.

Digital technologies overwhelmed Kodak, a true titan of the film business. Other big brands like Borders, Circuit City, and Blockbuster suffered the same fate. The dominance of Blackberry and Nokia was overshadowed by Apple and Android smartphones. This is the result of many factors including digital disruption & adoption of newer technology with new digital business models.

Enterprises that adapt, evolve, and exploit the new digital transformation reality will thrive, while those that do not, will be lost to the sands of time like Dinosaur!!


Digital Transformation, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Mobility & Cloud are the hottest terms around, with a lot of confusion even in mature organizations. This is an effort to simplify the area.


Going Digital is here to help you transform and succeed. 

There are three types of training/workshops we deliver as per the digital maturity of the organization.

Digital Doctor 3-Hours session with SMEs: 

  • Interview with SME to gauge business growth challenges

  • Work on digital business model canvas

  • Suggestions on probable digital technologies

  • Recommendations on Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Workshop: 

  • Why Digital Marketing is important for your business

  • How you can exploit Digital Marketing to make your business visible

  • How do you create & publish campaigns?

  • Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

  • As these are online certificate courses you will find them as a value add to your career


Digital Transformation Masterclass Workshop for CXOs: 

  • What is Digital Transformation

  • Difference between digitization and Digital Transformation

  • How industries are adopting it

  • Various Technology components of Digital Transformation

  • How to drive the Digital Transformation in your organization

  • Mistakes to avoid & best practices 

Advance Digital Transformation workshop for Practitioners /Executives: 

  • How to develop a Digital Strategy aligned to business strategy

  • How to conduct a Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

  • How to conduct a Customer Journey Mapping workshop

  • Introduction to Digital Business Models

  • How to develop a multi-year Digital Transformation Roadmap

Key Takeaways:

  • Key concepts of Digital Transformation

  • Answers to the challenges you are facing in your organization’s digital transformation

  • Help you define overall long-term digital initiatives

  • A practical approach with tested frameworks which you can apply in your business

  • Best practices in digital transformation and how to implement them

  • Mistakes to avoid in the journey

  • All the aspects of what, why, and how of the digital transformation

  • A practical approach with a framework that outlines real-world experiences

  • All the content needed to establish and make real progress in the digital transformation initiatives

  • Exploring proactive approaches to digital disruption via new business models

  • Crawl, Walk & Run approach


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