Digital Transformation Masterclass for CXOs

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Sandeep Raut - global top 10 thought lea
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Sandeep Raut

Founder & CEO - Going Digital

  • Top 10 global thought leader & influencer on Digital Transformation

  • Over 33 years of IT strategy, consulting experience

Viral Raval

Digital Transformation Coach

  • IT Industry leader with 360 degrees perspective on tech-led transformations

  • 30 years of industry experience of managing business ambitions through apt use of technology

Pankaj Mittal

Founder & CEO - Digizen Consulting

  • TEDx Speaker, AI/ML, RPA, Security, Cloud, Angel Investor, TiE, National CII (E-commerce) member, DFAN

  • With over 24 years of deep experience in leveraging new-age tech to solve business problems

  • Over 90+ combined person-years of corporate experience providing practitioner-led guidance

  • Sessions will cover practical issues and mistakes, to ensure that participants know real-world challenges and their resolution tactics

  • Sessions would cover learning and un-learning

Key Takeaways from the masterclass

key Takeaways

  1. Conceptual clarity on intents and outcome for digital pursuits

  2. Overview on building blocks for digital transformation

  3. Focused insights into tools, technology, and skills required for digital transformation

  4. Bridging the gap between high-level strategic insights and ground-level practical implementation

 Starting on: 5th Nov 2020

When: Every Thursday 

Time:  7 to 9 pm IST

Once a fortnight 1-hour session to track your progress and Q&A

Digital Transformation by Going Digital

Demystifying Digital Transformation

  • What is Digital Transformation

  • Difference between digitization & digital transformation

  • Why is it important

  • How industries are adopting it

  • Various technology components

  • Mistakes to avoid & Best practices

How to drive Digital Transformation

How to drive Digital Transformation

  • What is Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Who should lead Digital

  • Why you need a digital strategy

  • difference between IT strategy & digital strategy

  • Mistakes to avoid & best practices

  • 15 ways to salvage digital transformation

  • 10 traps to avoid the derail of digital transformation

Digital Business Models & Digital Maturity Assessment

  • What is the business model

  • Business Model Canvas Preparation

  • Difference between traditional & digital business model

  • Hyper disruptive business models

  • What is Digital Maturity Assessment

  • 5 levels & 9 dimensions of Digital Maturity

  • Practical approach with a questionnaire for maturity assessment

Digital Business Model by Going Digital

Digital Customer Experience

  • What is digital customer experience

  • Drivers for change in customer experience

  • What is customer journey mapping

  • Why is it important to map the customer journey?

  • Goals of customer journey mapping

  • How to build a customer journey map

  • Typical customer lifecycle – B2C & B2B

  • Must-have components of the customer journey map

  • Personas, Touchpoints, Emotions & digital opportunities

  • Best practices in customer journey mapping

  • Why agility is important

  • Basics on agile development

Customer Experience by Going Digital
Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Agile development strategy

  • What is digital marketing?

  • Why it is important?

  • Traditional marketing vs. digital marketing

  • Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media

  • 4Ps to 4Es due to Digital Marketing

  • Components of Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Strategy – SOSTAC Model

  • Push Marketing

  • Pull Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Competition Analysis

Cloud Computing

Agility in Platforms - Introduction to Cloud

  • Why is cloud essential for Digital Transformation

  • Cloud technologies

  • Cloud security and migration approaches

  • Difference between SOA and Microservices

  • Concepts of API, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Defining and adopting a cloud strategy

Leverage new-age technologies AI / ML / Blockchain

  • What is AI

  • AI supporting technologies ( ML, DL, exAI )

  • Governance in AI

  • Use cases AI

  • Why AI defines the success of the digital transformation

  • Blockchain basics

  • Use cases Blockchain

  • RPA basics

  • RPA use cases

  • Tools and technologies

Computer Sketch


  • Basics of Cybersecurity

  • Why Cybersecurity becomes critical in Digital Transformation

  • Zero trust and adaptive security postures

  • Industrial security

  • Risk management and appetite

  • Technology trends in Cyber Security
    Privacy basics

Cyber Security
Digital Sustainability

Digital sustainability

  • BCP and DR for Digital 

  • Standards in Information Security

  • The balance point between physical and digital

  • Nurturing partner ecosystem

  • Sustainability in digital programs

  • Digital nativity

  • Culture transformation

  • Millennial  mindsets and smart apps

  • Upskilling needs

  • Performance parameters for teams

  • How to develop digital stamina

  • Digital skills


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