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 While Digital Transformation is making its way into the mainstream, even mature organizations are struggling to adapt and evolve. 

Due to a tsunami of information available at fingertips, via so many different channels, Consumer has truly become a Superman, as he knows more than the product manufacturer.

With an adrenaline rush to get on the digital transformation bandwagon, many businesses have launched numerous uncoordinated digital initiatives, which ultimately fail.

Further show stoppers come from the myriad technologies that fall under digital transformation and the ability to choose the right one and exploit them in a better manner. 


Every industry is jumping the bandwagon of digital with several needs/questions in mind which we can solve with our 5 frameworks. 

Banking & Insurance:

  • Show us the 360-degree view of our customers

  • How do we provide a seamless, real-time, omnichannel customer experience?

  • Which digital technologies we shall use to know the loan defaulters upfront, and how?

  • We need to give complete freedom to our customers to compare and select the right policy, submit a claim with ease and track their car repairs?


  • Facilitate patients with Telemedicine and monitor their health remotely

  • How can we make patients historical data available to doctors and hospitals in real-time for proper treatment?


  • What are the ways to give a superior in-store experience to our customers digitally?

  • How do we achieve the hyper-personalization to target our customers?

  • Exploit Digital Marketing and help us build our brand and visibility


  • Provide personalized packages and tours based on customer preferences

  • How do we help customers the flexibility of any place, any device any time planning,

  • How do we help with booking, canceling, or rescheduling their travel itineraries?

  • Can we provide some exciting virtual reality experiences of destinations to customers?

  • How customer journey mapping will help us?


  • What are the advantages of the connected digital supply chain?

  • How can we reduce costs and downtime with the help of the Internet of Things?

  • Which predictive analytics we can apply for plant optimization?

We are ready to help!

GOING DIGITAL, a top Digital Transformation Consultancy firm is the answer to all these questions. Join our Forum and become a member to get answers to your Digital questions.

Founded by Sandeep Raut, a top 10 global digital transformation influencer &  thought leader,  and keynote speaker, GOING DIGITAL offers a wide range of digital transformation consulting services based on Design Thinking with the necessary tools and practical expertise to help grow your business. 

We have partnered with clients in their journey of digital transformation with personalized attention, going deeper into their digital stack, developed customer journey maps focusing on their needs while producing new digital business models.

We have developed effective digital strategies, deployed multi-wave digital transformation roadmaps, and designed high quality and scalable solutions for BFSI, Travel, Healthcare, Retail & Manufacturing businesses which has improved their customer experience.

We simplify the four technology pillars for an organization's digital transformation.

The most important first pillar is Digital Customer Experience covering Web Portals, Mobile Apps, User Experience, Virtual Assistants & Social Media engagements.

The second pillar Digital Foresight brings the personalization required via Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics & Visualizations.

The above two pillars will work only when you have the third pillar of Digital Integration in place integrating all the organization's internal and external data via APIs, Microservices, BPM & Cloud platforms.

The fourth pillar of Emerging Technologies is all about new kids on the block covering Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

We help choose the right technology stack & vendors from all the above four pillars so there are no show stoppers in your digital transformation journey.

Finally, As one of the top Digital Marketing consultancy in Mumbai, we make your presence felt via Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing. 

Your website is the digital showroom of your business. Ensure you are giving the best to the prospects/customers.


We give you :

  • 10 surprisingly simple Lead generation strategies

  • 30 ways of Content Marketing

  • 5 tricks of Influencer Marketing

  • 4 steps to get started with Email Marketing

  • 5 business blogging secrets

  • 6 proven strategies to increase your social media followers

  • 10 on-page & off-page Search Engine Optimization techniques

  • 7 ways to improve Google search ads 

Get a website SEO audit 

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