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How is your marketing gearing up and making use of Digital?

How is your marketing gearing up and making use of Digital?

For many businesses, digital has simply been the domain of marketing: web marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc. It was lightly wrapped around existing products and services.

As digital is more about customer experience, Marketing is the closest department to handle this. They have to use Machines, Humans, and things to interact with customers in real-time.

As we have seen, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, etc. have grown their businesses almost entirely through digital marketing.

Digital technologies have introduced new kinds of marketing tools that take the guesswork out of marketing. With analytics, marketers have a much more accurate picture of their customers.

The main goal is to use data to reduce the expenditure on marketing and increase customer retention by using digital channels.

With this omnichannel marketing, businesses can guide customers through various stages of their journey such as increasing the awareness of the products and building their desire to buy via sending personalized messages so they finally make a decision to buy the product.

Earlier methods of marketing spend attribution, which decides what worked well, instead of just clicks, are now augmented with artificial intelligence to give information that is more accurate.

The marketing department is the closest to the customer in the digital age. Businesses have changed the sales-driven approach to a consumer-driven approach to the purchasing process.

This customer-first approach has brought the brands closer. Further, today’s consumer uses their smartphones for everything. Analysis of this mobile data can help organizations understand the affinity of different groups to brands, changes in digital and physical footfall after campaigns, and so on.

Today marketers use several digital techniques such as SEO, SEM, and Web Analytics to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Global brands have changed their marketing strategies over the years.

For a business to succeed in today’s Digital world, it is really important to have a strong digital footprint on the internet. With today’s sophisticated digital lifestyle, consumers are probably on Facebook, checking out Twitter, browsing their email inboxes, and searching for products and services on a search engine

Burberry was earlier just telecasting the live shows of their fashion catwalks, which now are online on social media, which means they are going to the masses.

How is your marketing gearing up and making use of Digital?

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