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What is the Digital Transformation Masterclass?

As a CXO, you are responsible for driving digital in your organization.

You are finding it difficult to bring the cohesive integrated change as everyone is trying their own way to deliver digital.

If you are a Senior Manager or Project Manager, you did not get time to hone your skills while building the teams and delivering projects. Digital is the way to go ahead and every business has to get on the digital bandwagon.

In your corporate life, you will not get the chance to develop digital transformation deployment skills with continuous revenue pressures.

For Marketers, where are you now on the Digital Marketing scale?

  • Business As Usual - word of mouth business

  • Beginner – only Email Marketing

  • Advanced – Using Social Media & Content Marketing

  • Strategic – Exploiting Digital Marketing

We are very excited to announce the third batch of "Digital Business Transformation Masterclass" from 23rd Jan 2021 for 10+ Saturdays.

This is the most comprehensive coverage you will ever get in any course and will solve your Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing problems.

We are giving you 5 frameworks for digital transformation such as:

  • Digital Strategy – aligned to 6 business strategy questions adopted from Play to Win – AG Lafley worth Rs. 25,000

  • Digital Maturity Assessment – 9 dimensions and 54 questions to arrive at digital maturity quotient and recommendation to move up the level worth Rs. 25,000

  • Customer Journey Mapping workshop – from Awareness to Advocacy identify the pain points of each customer interaction, make or break moments, emotional high & lows to identify various digital initiatives worth Rs. 50,000

  • Multi-year Digital Transformation roadmap – prioritize the digital initiatives based on the customer impact and business value worth Rs. 25,000

  • Digital Marketing – 9 steps digital marketing strategy with Website optimization with SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Analytics worth Rs. 30,000

We also give you a business model canvas to think and adopt new digital business models.

We will also give you foundational steps for :

  • Branding,

  • Website Design & Website Optimization secrets

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing with Editorial calendar

  • Hands-on practical on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads,

  • Digital Marketing Analytics

and tons of tips/tricks for digital marketing.

This will help drive digital in your organization.

Participants will get a Masterclass certificate at the end of the program.

Please read through all the content & register at Digital Business Transformation Masterclass


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